Day 2 of 25 Days

A song that reminds me of my most recent ex is today’s prompt in the 25 days of music challenge.

Those that have followed me a bit, know where this is going. My ex was abusive to me. He was manipulative. He was demeaning. I felt worthless with him. All you have to do is search for the jerktag in my posts, to get a taste of him. I have no kind thoughts in my body for him. I honestly could care less for what happens to him. Perhaps I would if he had treated me like a human, but since he had treated me worse than the rapist, I think that will near impossible.

So what lovely diddy did I select for him? Oh aren’t you in for a treat, as I couldn’t choose just one.

Let’s start with:

Five Finger Death Punch! Just to watch you bleed (Because after how he treated me, all I want to do is watch that happen)

Then this jumps right into Red Jumpsuit Apparatus  – False Pretense (as he hid who he was)


Lastly, one of my favorite groups, Three Days Grace – Unbreakable Heart, because no matter how hard he tried, I’m still here, and stronger than I was before.


As I stated, I don’t have fond memories of this one, so the songs are such a happy lot for you to listen to.


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