25 Will Never Get Old

Day 25. Wow, we made it to day 25. Today I’m to tell you about a song that I could listen to all day and not get sick of.

This one can be any number of songs. I can listen to a lot of songs and never be tired of them, but today, one particular one comes to mind. I love drum and bass. I can listen to it non stop and not get sick of it. Why? It keeps you moving non stop and makes everything go faster. I’ve listened to it cleaning, painting, sketching, playing video games, and just about anything else. I want to share one of my favorite ones with you to send you off with a bang here.


We Can Dance if 24 Wants To

Day 24 brings us A song that I have dance to with my best friend.

I’ve never had someone I consider a best friend, just good friends, and it is with this people that you can just be yourself, especially if that is silly and goofy. And to this, it means I can be myself, and just dance, in the goofiest ways of course. One of the times I’ve been dancing around, being silly, having a good time, was with Boyfriend. We enjoy doing things like that. And it doesn’t matter where we are either. The one that I’m recalling right now was very random. I was in a terribly silly mood, and as we walked over to the grocery store, proceeded to dance to music in my head the whole way there. Once we reached it, I still continued to dance to the beat of the songs playing, just very silly. Boyfriend would smile and keep shopping. Then one particular song came on, and he joined me dancing. Right in the middle of the aisle, we were dancing like no one else was around. We had a lot of fun. He lets me be me, and then joins me as well.

Not many would see this one coming:

Also, we were dancing to this one randomly whilst working on other things too.

You are Henced Banished 23!

Day 23, a song I cannot stand to listen to.

Well alright then, let’s just get right down to it. This position is actually tied. Same artist, but 2 songs, and so closely named. Are you ready? Can you handle this? I hope so, because here it is…


Funny, It’s Friday as this is being published. I feel like I just trolled people and wished them happy Friday at the same time.

Sing to Me 22

Song of day demand for today is to tell you about a song that was sung to me.

I don’t have people typically sing songs to me. Maybe it’s because of the look I give them when they do. It typically looks like:
jackie-chan-wtf-face-i16I just don’t see a reason to. Though boyfriend will sing as off key as possible sometimes to me, just because he can. I honestly think he just likes the faces I make. One of the songs he sings is by Kaskade. He loves them. This song came on in the car when just started going out, and he started to sing it to me.

My favorite 21

21 is your favorite song. Really? Didn’t we go through this issue before with favorite band? Ugh.


I have too many favorites to say just one is my favorite. Honestly, I love music and songs work with different moods. I”ll share a few that when I think of the word favorite, pop into my head.

Beautiful Scar – Trapt
This song just brings up good thoughts and emotions of me trying to look over my past and move on. Something that is much needed for me.

This comes from one of my favorite bands, Dropkick Murphys. I cannot decide between a few, so I’ll give them both to you. After all, who doesn’t like a song about rats getting drunk on Guinness and well, yeah.

And a love song about dealing with the faults and troubles, with a Celtic twist.

And because I want to keep you on your toes….

The Last 20

First off, I apologize for missing a few posts. I’m catching up here, however I’ve been preoccupied with trying to pack up my apt as I’m moving this weekend.

So day 20, the last song in your iTunes.

Catch22 – 9mm and 3 Piece Suit is what is sitting there for last in my iTunes Library.

But wait! There’s still my Spotify to go thru.  And the winner is…

薔薇と彼女の王子 by Heartsrevolution (Not my fault that characters are last.) Yes, this song is a bit different, but I love their music. 


And This 19 Came First

So day 19 and ever so close to the end, brings us to the First song in your iTunes Library Alphabetically.

I’ve been Spotifying it out lately, so let me see which one it is.

On Spotify 16 Dollars by Volbeat wins the award for first. I love Volbeat. They are amazing to me, and this song, to me carries a bit of a Swing/Lindy Hop feeling.

If you look at iTunes, the song to take top billing alphabetically is Able by NEEDTOBREATHE, very different from Volbeat, but they’re pretty awesome in a different way. Kinda an uplifting song, I think so anyways.