25 Days of….

I agreed to go along with Twindaddy… god help me… with the 25 days of music challenge. Why not? I love music and this will help get me back into the swing of writing my little heart out. Hmm, is it really that little? What is it’s size anyways?

Anyways, back to the topic. So for the first day of this challenge, I’m to pick a song from my childhood. When would you say my childhood actually ended? Some tell me it never has, but I’ll pick…

That’s right, the Jackson 5 with Rockin’ Robin.

This song has meaning to me, for it was one of the first ballet dance recitals I can remember doing. I even remember the red robin leotard and tutu, and sequined headband. Did I mention, I had tail feathers too? I tried finding one of the pictures of me from that recital, but they are with the family, so not really accessible right now.

I cannot help but think of those pictures every time I hear the song. I even recall some dance steps, simple as they are. There went on to be many more dance recitals, since I was with the company until 13 or 14 years old, you know, doing the traditional Swan Lake, Peter Pan, Copellia, Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and the like, but this is the most memorable.


Oh, a close second was…



Before I hear anything in regards to this, it’s the memory that this song brings up. It was a family vacation, where I remember my sister teaching me to line dance to this song, and later that day it popped on while at an ice cream parlour, and suddenly the urge to start dancing struck me, and there I was line dancing  to this song, and getting people clapping. Was one of the few times we have actually got along, so it kinda sticks with you.


20 thoughts on “25 Days of….

  1. awesome songs- especially the first one. i admit to liking the second one as well (as long as i close my eyes and avoid looking at his hair 😉 ).

  2. Oh man! Achy Breaky Heart was my first cheer/pom competition routine song! We wore little plastic cowboy hats and had little shoe covers to make them look like boots…basically we were adorable.

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