Where have I been?

I’m alive, but writing is going to be slow for a while. I have become homeless as of recently, and am staying with some friends. Thank God I met these people. They’re a gift to me. I swear. I do not know how to repay them. Except for cooking. Come on, guys… food. No brainer, but I love to cook, and it makes me feel like I’m contributing.

I’ve been looking at some apartments, and have some more to see this week. I’m hoping to have a new home soon. I cannot keep crashing with these two when I care about them, and feel as if I’m invading their land. Of course movies, video games, and just randomness every night is a lot of fun.

People are placed before you for reasons you don’t know of. I found one of the reasons they were placed before me, and I am forever thankful.

So don’t worry guys, if you were. I’m alive, just slightly harder to reach. It’s hard to type on a phone, and much easier to jot off emails on the phone than posts. I have so much to catch up on, so forgive me if I haven’t responded. I’ll be getting to them, just will take a bit.

I made a Plan…

I was uploading a new batch of photos I took. I thought I’d share some of them. I’m headed out tomorrow to take a lot more. I’m making it goal to participate next year in the Art Festival here. I have exactly one year to put work together. So I’m trying to make it a goal to go out once a week with camera and see what I can find. Which means you’ll have more artwork to look at! Enjoy lovies.




Iris Center



Iris Open


Weekly Soundtrack 5/27-6/2

This is always so sad to write. I get teary eyed knowing that it’s here. The weekend is over! Tomorrow it’s back to work. So before that happens, I like to give you some of my awesome music choices for the week to cheer you up. Ok, you got me, it’s to try and make me feel better, for just a moment.

1. Seems to be a theme song.. Plus fun to rock out to.

2.Because you always need some

3. Strikes a Chord with me

4. Because it snuck into my head

5. Another theme song

6. And because I love them so much, here’s another

7. And it fits because I like it.


Blood on His Hands

Ok, so a lot of ideas have been in my head lately. Just little bits, and TwinDaddy has been kind enough to help out with them. Here is another duet with us. Enjoy!

Blood on His Hands

Here you held me
Broken, bleeding, crushed, and bruised
You squeezed tighter,
Leaving me so shattered and abused

You’re grip was lethal
I could not shake it
Crying, cowering

Tears streaming down
Creating a flood
Full of my sorrows and pain
Created from my blood

Blow after blow
Breaking my skin
Demonic screaming
Vortex within

Face twisted with pain
Yours with full of rage
Staring into your black eyes
All I wanted was to push you into that cage

You suddenly stop
Face softened and then
You promised that you
Would never do it again