Weekly Soundtrack 5/27-6/2

This is always so sad to write. I get teary eyed knowing that it’s here. The weekend is over! Tomorrow it’s back to work. So before that happens, I like to give you some of my awesome music choices for the week to cheer you up. Ok, you got me, it’s to try and make me feel better, for just a moment.

1. Seems to be a theme song.. Plus fun to rock out to.

2.Because you always need some

3. Strikes a Chord with me

4. Because it snuck into my head

5. Another theme song

6. And because I love them so much, here’s another

7. And it fits because I like it.



Weekly Soundtrack 5/20-5/26

Yes, I’m a day late and a dollar short, but aren’t I ever that way? Anyways, yesterday I had to play nice and be around family that I wish I didn’t have to be. It’s like a competition to see who can 1+ everyone else, show who is better than everyone else, and I’m surprised they were not whipping out their sausages and measuring. Seriously. It was about half a step from that happening.

But I’m back, and here I am to share my songs for the week with you. Let me preface this by saying, I had a fuster cluck of a week and wish to god I could go back and erase it all. I really do. I do not wish my week upon anyone.. well maybe Fred. He can have it. For the most part, not only was I sick and feeling god awful, heart was broken. It happens. Need to move on. I will eventually.









Ok, I think that’s enough for you tonight. I need to get some for next week after all.

Weekly Soundtrack 5/13-5/19

And here we go again on this road, going down my week in a list of songs. Like a composer for you show, I dropped them all on this list…

Ok, that didn’t go so well… I was planning to make it so much better, but yeah… FAIL.


So then, let’s just pretend that this never happened and I’ll just start with my music. I recommend getting your memory wiped…This is not the post you are looking for.

Ok, these are just songs that popped into my head, not to do with this week.



3. MELANIE!!! This one’s for you.







Weekly Soundtrack 4/29-5/5

It’s the time of the week again. The end of the fun. 😦 It’s Sunday again, meaning I have to go back to work. Good news for you though! You get to experience some music for the week!

Are you ready? I hope so, this is going to be fun. I promise. Want to know why? Because these are just songs that struck me whilst I was listening away to iHeart radio, not really anything to do with what went on.


1.  Stone Sour! I love this song, and wish someone felt this way about me.


2. Fricking Awesome!


3.  Freedom!


4. You best be right Skippy…. (Ok, Three Day’s Grace new album is awesome)


5. Look Ma, it’s me!


6. WooHoo!


7.Always need them in your week.


8. Mhmm. ❤

Weekly Soundtrack 4/22-4/28

Can you believe we made it through? And that sadly the weekend is almost over. That’s always the worst part, knowing that tomorrow is Monday. I wish it wasn’t. I would much rather stay at home and sleep.

There really is not a theme, just songs that hit/struck a nerve, or made me think.

1. This one had me thinking, I can relate to parts. It’s like when I came out of the daze that JERK had put me into.

2. I kinda like it, a lot, this week. Don’t you be messing with me now!

3. This, again, another bringing up the past, but I like it. It’s been my mood, but look, it has a happy ending!

4. Well, I think I’m in a slightly evil pissed off mood this week. I blame it on the headaches and pain and rolled ankle.

5. It’s my story, deal with it people!

6. I like it, it’s been a shine down type of week.

And that would be it for the week for now. I’ll make a list and let you know for next week!

Enjoy lovies.


Soundtrack 4/15-4/22

And here it is, Sunday. The end of the week to me, as tomorrow starts the work week all over again. Thus being said, it’s time for my weekly soundtrack. Oh you’re going to love this one! I’ve had an insane week, and my music is just fitting into it so well.

1. My theme song of the week.  I couldn’t start or end the work day without it:

2. It spoke to me and well.. You’ll see:

3. Sometimes, the right people are there when you need them. Right for your Soul.

4. It fits how I’ve been feeling and how you’ve (you people know who) have made me feel after a week of awfulness:

5. Hey Fred.. Take a hint. Mwahaha.


And there you go, that’s it. Kisses and Hugs lovies.