Where Were You When I Needed You?

The spam monkey struck again, but so appropriately this time, just late by about 2 or 3 months.

Back story time!

Where I work there was a guy, who is very intelligent. He was over qualified for the job in a way, but was not a bad fit for the team. While he was on day shifts, he was great, working diligently, creating documentation articles on procedures, and very involved in his job. Then something happened. None of us are sure when it happened, or why, but it was definitely over time.


*NOTE: As you know, I’m on night shifts. We have to rotate on night shifts every 3 to 6 months. It’s in the job description and mentioned in the interview process multiple times, as well as working weekends and holidays. Keep this in mind, as it plays a part, as well as the fact that for some reason, the Tier 2 Overnight shift seems to show who can and cannot hack it here. It seems to be a cursed position.

At some point, he gave up, stopped working or only worked half assed if he did. We had to try and find ways to make him work, or just take his work and redo it. On nights, he would not really work much at all. It just became a thing that he was just filling a space we needed. Most others were leaving as soon as they hit nights. Granted, because of the people leaving, he was on his second trip on nights, but we all were getting kicked in the teeth being short handed. Just in different ways.

Eventually he found another job and quit. You can tell as I’m now on night shifts. It happens. It’s in the job description. We all know it’s coming.


Back story end!

Why did I say this? Because of SPAM! I love spam. Spam spam spam spam.

There was another completely random spam email that came in describing an employee that “is going down the wrong path” and what should you do with this individual. The Bad employee’s name? The same as this coworker that left. No joke. I sat here thinking that this came a few months too late.

“XXX” is heading down the wrong path – should you just fire him now, or …

… do what great managers do, transform Rob into a productive team player?

XXX is that employee who under performs and acts out. But you believe he has potential to be a good employee inside him.

Is it worth the attempt to rid him of the unacceptable behavior he’s been displaying, or cut him loose?

The choice is yours. The key – you must do something, fast. Left unchecked, unacceptable behavior will drain you, and even worse, breed an unproductive, resentful work environment for everyone.

Wouldn’t it be more fulfilling as a manager to motivate & coach someone like XXX to better performance instead of another disappointing termination? Here’s what to do …


Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!

I have to admit that when it comes to spam emails, I usual just hit the junk and delete buttons. However, lately, I have begun reading them. Why not? I mean you should see some of the stuff that comes into the inbox I monitor at work.


We have Mark who emails us almost daily his resume for a Plumbing Estimator Position (We are a tech company that supports medics, firefighters, and first responders, as well as others in the healthcare professions. I’m pretty sure none of us are clogged up enough to need a plumber in our behinds.) Then there is Donna who send mass amounts of encrypted messages to us each day. Every once in a while her friend Fran joins in. I’m sorry Donna and Fran, but I don’t know you. I cannot open your encrypted invitation.

There are also countless emails in Russian and Chinese that of course I have to translate. They’re mainly just wanting to be our printing suppliers, or give us random facts, about what you ask? Nothing in particular. Just that they can be cheap, they have great office spaces, and how to get more followers on our blog. This leads me to ask what blog?


We have a form that users can fill out for assistance with one of our programs. I love the spam that this generates from bots. Usually it’s selling something, telling us to go to craigslist, or, my favorite, Justin Beiber Dre Beats, because it’s all that is on my mind.

Then there are my favorites. These are the ones that make no sense, but are awesome reads:


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Now these are the ones that are spam. I should put together some of the requests for help we receive. Oh the giggles and head shakes that would ensue.

I’m going to give this post a +1.