Walking on Sunshine!

Some one thought I was full of SUNSHINE! (Hint, it was myspokenheart)

So there some rules:

  1. Make sure to post this award on your blog site.
  2. Nominate 10 fellow bloggers. (It doesn’t have to be 10, just nominate some people who make the sun shine for you)
  3. Please answer 10 questions. (Or you could just tell us some things about you that we don’t already know)
How did they know I love Gerber Daisies?

How did they know I love Gerber Daisies?

Ok so there’s the award. My favorite flower. HINT if you ever want to get me anything 😛


  1. KnockedOverByAFeather
  2. WordsAndOtherThings
  3. Deliberate Donkey
  4. FISHY!
  5. Lennon Sundance
  6. AliceAtWonderland
  7. Sofia Leo (I won’t take it)
  8. Rawra!
  9. TwinDaddy
  10. RoS (Even despite his massive dislike of awards and his ability to tear you in 2 for giving him one. I think he needs sunshine today.
  11. Figuring It Out

So now I have to.. hmm. I didn’t have questions, so I’ll give you some fun facts about me.

  1. I sprained my wrist running into and bouncing off of a very fat kid in gym class when I was in 6th grade. (Go ahead and laugh, the gym teacher did. )
  2. It’s snowing right now, and I feel like a little kid again wishing for a snow day!
  3. I was listening to Bowling for Soup the other day, so now I feel like I’m the girl all the bad guys want.
  4. I’m a Vanquisher! (At least in GuildWars I am. I can kill all the pixels! )
  5. I’m an Irish Punk lover.
  6. I want to move to Boston to party with Dropkick Murphys.
  7. I throw tea parties every day for myself. They’re all mad of course.
  8. Sometimes I wish my life was like my stories I make up.
  9. I’m slow to respond to Awards.
  10. I’ve been slacking on writing.
  11. I’m broken and special.

Ok so, I added an extra. Oh well. Your turns!