Blood into Water

It seems my life is doing that oh so grand thing, of not telling me what is going on. About 2 months ago, I was walking down the stairs wearing these cute wedges I love. And if you know me, then you know I’m usually in tennis shoes like my slip on Vans, or boots. Wouldn’t you know, I slip on the stairs, but I caught myself before I thought anything really happened. You know, that little slip and wobble bobble, then righted myself. No biggie. None at all.

Or so I thought.

I had a little pain in my knee and some locking later that day. Made going to the Irish Festival a lot of fun, but that just meant Boyfriend and I took our time walking around and enjoying everything. The next day it continued. The pain was there, slightly worse, no bruising that I could see, or swelling. Though do note, my knees are boney. They make stick men look fat.  I brush this all aside and think nothing of it.

Fat Stick Man?

Day by day the fun continues. My knee is locking all the time. No rhyme or reason about it or pattern. Just happens. Pain is an every day occurrence. What else is new though? After all with the Fibromyalgia, pain is always there anyways. Let’s just add more to it ok? Ok!

Make it So!

After about 3 weeks of this, I’ve had enough. I cannot function without it being annoying. I call my handy dandy Orthopedic Surgeon who is almost on speed dial. Just kidding, he is not, that would be awkward, but he is the guy who fixed up my other leg when other doctors told me it was in my head and I was making it up. An appointment was made and the trip taken. He said “Lets try some therapy and see if it fixes it. If you’re still hurting with no improvement, then call us back, and we will see about an MRI.” For now, let’s give you a knee brace. This said knee brace is squeaky. You know when I am coming and going now, even if you are blind.

Squeak Squeak

Want to know something weird? You can feel things grinding in me knee. It’s very random and icky. Yes, it creeps me out.

I just had the MRI today to give you an indication of how well the therapy has been helping. The pain has increased as well. I called the doctor today to ask if there is anything else I can do for the pain. Do you know how hard it is to lie in a big metal tube that is a giant magnet and not move? I twitched quite a bit, at least it was before the testing started though.


I will now have water like blood. 1000mg of aspirin every 4 hours. So far the only thing it’s accomplishing is making me feel ill. Though that could also be the B.C pill I take too. That’s also making me feel nauseated.

So until at least Thursday, I alert all the blind people where I am, take enough aspirin to make water out of blood, and I like Billy Bob Thorton in Big Bang Theory the other week.



So after having my MRI rescheduled, I finally had it on Thursday.  Friday morning I received the call from my doctor. All clear. Whew. Wait though! I still have my headaches. Why? Why must I be tortured by these?  They asked me about the systems I still have, and the pain level.

It hurts this bad!

It hurts this bad!

“Well I’ve been around a 7 most times. Then I have these moments of burning and then icy numbness. It’s on one side mainly around my temple, then it travels to the back, but every once in a while, it travels to the other side.”

“So you’re not feeling any better?”

Did they not just get what I said?

“No, I’m not feeling better. It’s been worse since you gave me the steroids.”

“So I think we need to try something new …(you think?)…let’s try a neurologist, I now think you have what’s called trigeminal neuralgia …(uh um yeah what she said)… so you’re going to have to get some tests done from a neurologist, but in the mean time, let’s try you on a new medication.  It helps with migraines and seizures…(Seizures!?)… and it also helps trigeminal neuralgia. ”

“Are there side effects?”

“Well yes. I wanted to talk to you about them. You can have blurry vision, drowsiness, and rashes.”

Ok that’s not too bad.

Then I picked up the medication.  I was pulled aside. Big green sticker on my package to say I needed counseling.  Ok, this is new. The pharmacist comes over to tell me that my depression medication and this new one could have a bad interaction. Hmm. It can intensify the effects I am already getting from Prozac. Then when I get home, I’m reading the extra sheet they printed out and gave me.


Ok, now I don’t want to take this medication.

This medication can cause rare and serious skin conditions that can lead to death.
This medication can cause rare and serious blood problems that can lead to death.
This medication can cause suicidal thoughts. (Again DEATH! )

Are they trying to kill me? Are they trying to say something?



I’m suppose to take 200mg of this stuff a day, thankfully, the doctor told me I can take just one of those nasty chewable tablets a day if I want. Um, Yeah! I don’t need to increase the issues I’m taking anti depressants for. I don’t need to increase my depression, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, panic attacks, and the like. So I’m taking one a day, well night, about 2 hours before bed. Why? Because the first one I took last night knocked me out forever (though about the first good night sleep I’ve had in a while) and left me a bit tired and groggy all day.

Time to get use to a new medication. Time to be sleepy for awhile. Time to make an appointment with another doctor.