Night Shifts Are Fun

So I’m working night shifts. I’m pretty sure that I told you that. It’s a bit creepy, especially with an over active imagination and anxiety. I think I gave myself a few panic attacks already. Mild, but when you are on the third floor, with no trees near the windows and things start banging on them in the middle of the night, I think the worst. I know there is someone trying to get through that window! I swear there is.


Don’t look at me like that!

The floors above me have a college’s biological genetics lab. You know what that means don’t you? I’m at ground zero when the zombie outbreak starts. That’s right. There could be zombies trying to get in here too. Each night I start my shift, I walk around to see what would make a good weapon. You know, what would stab them in the head good, or at least enough to slow them down so I can jump out that third story window. I figure, my car is parked right outside on the street, I can pull myself to the car and climb in.


What? You know you would do it too.

Did I mention that a few weeks ago, there was this creepy dirty old looking doll that was sitting on a step across the street from the office? Yes, there was. And it kept moving. Each time I looked out the window, it was somewhere else. I’m sorry, but that’s just not right. And no, there are no children across the street. I mean it, there isn’t. That thing is going to end up doing something.


There is this polar vortex in here too. You will hear the doors pull themselves shut a bit like someone is pulling on the handles, then the next thing you know, all you hear is this suctioning going on. If you try to open a door, you know, to attend to nature’s calls, you have to take a running start and slam into the door, and to come in? You are putting your full weight behind your pull to open it.

Did I mention our office takes up two floors? It does, and the first floor of our offices is locked up at night. I get the fun job of hearing that alarm going off multiple times a night. People randomly coming in at night to do who knows what. I’ll go to check it out, and find no one.

This is such a fun and entertaining job at night. I enjoy it so much.