Wouldn’t it be loverly?

So the news is full of #26ActsofKindness and 26 Acts of Kindness lately. I find this very sweet, but I see a drawback and it scares me. I love the idea that people are doing good things randomly for people. Leaving money for gas, buying food for a child,  visiting the firemen, leaving a flower, giving your umbrella to a mother, and such other things. How long will this last though?

I have decided to join in on this random acts of kindness, but I’m adding a twist. I’m just not going to stop at 26 acts for the 26 that died in Newtown. I feel that this is something that should be done all the time. I’ve always opened doors for others, let others go in front of me, given my food to someone that was hungrier, given flowers to someone that seems sad. It is just how I was raised. Isn’t that what the Golden Rule is all about anyways? Treat others how you want to be treated. So why not? I would love it if people spontaneously gave me stuff or helped me out, but unless you start and set the precedent,  who would follow?

So once a week at least, (I’m limited on funds and times, but it’s my goal) I will try to bring cheer to others.  Why?  It helps me feel better. Doing good to others makes yourself feel good. I use to volunteer at an animal shelter, and no matter how horrid I felt going in there, I was always smiling and feeling better when I left. If that’s how animals made me feel, imagine how it would feel with people.

You can join in if you want. You can dedicate your acts to the victims, but as for me, I plan on this being for everyone. I hope. But once a week to add cheer to some people, I just want to see a little more color in the world and make things a little brighter for all.


Cheers Lovies!