Weekend Get-A-Ways and Hump Day

Yes it’s been a few days since I’ve written anything. There is a problem, my mind is a little blank. (Give me suggestions people, and I’ll make something up for you.)¬† I did have a nice weekend away with Boyfriend visiting a friend of his family and seeing the Statue of Liberty.

Did you ever notice that the Statue of Liberty has rather manly arms? I mean, some guys would be jealous of them. You don’t see it as much from the front, but then looking at the back and slightly from the side, there it is. Muscle city boys. You also cannot help but notice she is trying to walk somewhere. I’ve always wondered where she is trying to go as she is surrounded by water.

20141025_142730 20141025_144717These were taken going around the on the Miss  New Jersey Ferry for a tour. We saw Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. It was rather nice. Which as we were in the harbour and could see Brooklyn lead to a nice rousing sing along by the two of us of No Sleep Til Brooklyn, well ok, more like us chanting of No Sleep Til Brooklyn. Most of the other tourists were not paying attention anyways.

I did get 2 of new favorite photos though while we were there.

20141025_133239IMG_50927075026572Isn’t he cute?

Today getting into work I was so out of it, that I forgot it was Hump Day. So I played with my toys on me desk to create a fun little Happy Hump Day Pic. As well as share the lovely impression someone made in the stairwell at work. Let me tell you, that’s quite some impression too.

20141029_071702 20141029_194343Ok. I’m out of ideas, so please share with me what you want to know.


Weekly Soundtrack 5/27-6/2

This is always so sad to write. I get teary eyed knowing that it’s here. The weekend is over! Tomorrow it’s back to work. So before that happens, I like to give you some of my awesome music choices for the week to cheer you up. Ok, you got me, it’s to try and make me feel better, for just a moment.

1. Seems to be a theme song.. Plus fun to rock out to.

2.Because you always need some

3. Strikes a Chord with me

4. Because it snuck into my head

5. Another theme song

6. And because I love them so much, here’s another

7. And it fits because I like it.