I like Sunflowers almost As much as Daisies… it’s like SUNSHINE

So, I’m finally getting to my awards. Working on one at a time. There are a lot, so bare with me. I’m putting off catching up on my readings for a bit, by starting on these.

First up is…..

SUNSHINE AWARD!  brought to me by Shaun over at Looking for a reason

How did they know I love Gerber Daisies?

How did they know I love Gerber Daisies?

The rules for the Sunshine Award are as follows:
1) Post the Sunshine Award logo.
2) Accept the nomination and link back to the nominator.
3) Answer the questions.
4) Nominate ten other blogs and inform them of the nomination.

Ok, posted the rules, and linked back to Shaun, so good for that. now to the questions:

My Favorite Colour: Green
My Favorite Animal: Dog
My Favorite Number: Any palindrome numbers… Go ahead.. I know you want to Google it
My Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage: besides good olde H2O, I’d say it’s a toss up between Mt. Dew and Dr. Pepper
My Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Beer.. preferably IPAs and Lagers
Facebook or Twitter: Neither
My Passions: Um.. being me.. it’s a whole mess of things, which is too much to describe but adds up to being who I am.
Giving or Receiving Gifts: I’m always giving, I don’t know how to receive
Favorite City: London was awesome!
Favorite TV Shows: Oh.. Um.. FIREFLY… or.. BSG…

And my Victims! The fun part…

So it says 10.. Hmm.

1. Combat Babe
2. AliceAtWonderland
3. Revis
4. TwinDaddy
5. DoggyStyle
6. MerBear
7. Melanie
8. Brit
9. Goldie Fishy
10. Stephanie

And there you guys go! I did it! I did one out of like the 13 or so sitting in a folder waiting to for me to send out! Don’t worry, they’ll be combined into one post per award.. No! Not like that.. Don’t panic, yet! One post per type of award. I only received one of this one, therefore just one link back.. Duh. And you were panicking.



versatile-blogger-awardWhat? You think I’m versatile? Really? Ok! I’ll take it!

Shaun over at Looking for a Reason nominated me for the versatile blogger and then later again! . Yay! I love awards. They’re always these fun things to add to your pages. Shinies!

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Include a link to their blog.

3. Select 15 new blog/bloggers you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.

4. Nominate those bloggers for a Versatile Blogger Award, leave a link to their page and a comment on their latest post to let them know they’ve been nominated.

5. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Ok, did the first 2.

On to the bloggers! I’ll try to reach 15, but I’ve only recently added some new people to my list of follows!

1. HastyWords
2. DoggyStyle
3. Dawn And Michael!
4. Faith, Hope, and Chocolate
5. Reflections on Life So Far
6. Animockery
7. Into The Light of The Night Kitchen
8. Swimming to my 50’s
9. Rohan
10. Fairytale Epidemic
11. Tryst
12. Angie!

Ok, I know it said 15, but I’ve only been reading these few more. and commenting and such more with a few that I have been following.


1. I just landed a new job that starts on the 28th of this month.
2. I just had an MRI, it came back clean.
3. My headaches are still going so now I’m on a medication for some long weird sounding nerve thing.
4. I’m tired, I think it’s the new medication.
5. I’m watching the hockey game right now, the game is tied, they best win.
6. Tried a new tea, LOVE IT! It’s a lemon, pomegranate, apple tea. MMM.
7. I need to go for a walk and take pictures.
8. I have a few new tshirts. They have T-Rex’s on them.
9.  I like apples and melons.
10.  I’m allergic to Berries.

Ok, it was more than 7, but 7 is a bad number, 10 is awesome, it’s kinda awesome looking, as it has a friend, who’s open to things.

We’re a happy family

Yes, for this one I’m channeling The Ramones. Why not? I’m in a punk rock mood! After all, Sheena is a punk rocker, so am I.


1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your wordpress experience and family

4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them

5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people that have taken you as  a friend, and spread the love


We're a Happy Family!

We’re a Happy Family!


Bam, And there it is Batman! Or in this case, Shaun.

Hmm. this is similar to the one I just handed out! So guess what, most of you are getting this one too!

Matty Matt
Hasty Words

And there you go! A happy dysfunctional family that I love and am happy to be a part of!

I’m a Dragon, hear me RAWR!

See. RAWR!

See. RAWR!


MerBear is awesome! She gave me this awesome award for being awesome to an awesome person. How Awesome is that?

First, here are the people that I feel are my loyal awesome people: ( I hope I didn’t miss anyone! Sorry if I did.)

Matty Matt

Love you guys!

Facts about me!

1. I’m trying to become healthy again.
2. I kinda like someone. Yes, crushing on them.
3. I rolled my ankle yesterday, which is now nicely swollen, because I forgot I was wearing heels for work. Stupid corporate people visiting and making me dress nice.
4. I have a new book. It’s awesome. I’m in love with it. http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/all-things-alice-linda-sunshine/1111614608?ean=9781400054411&x=51192704
5. I’m taking the dogs for a walk. I have a swollen ankle. And I have to walk up 2 hills and down 2 hills.
6. There’s a gym at the rec center down the street. I only just found out about this. Hmmm.
7. I drank no caffeine until 5pm today. OMG, how did I survive?


There is no I in Team…

Well technically there is…

See! There is is.

See! There is is.

Anyways, I’m suppose to be a team player, see. Shaun said so. So therefore, I must be. So I need to display the award…( I forgot it on the ABC one.. shh, don’t tell.)



Then there are more rules:

The Rules:

1. Display the logo on your page. 

2. Finish the sentence: “A great reader is

3. Nominate 14 readers they appreciate.

4. Inform the readers with either comments or pingbacks.


Ok, so let’s see, I’ve displayed the logo. CHECK. Now to finish the sentence.

A great reader is a “listener” and commenter who shows they appreciate and care about you and your work.

Ok, now to nominate:

I don’t think I can do 14, but I’ll try to see how many…

  1. LaLa (She’s pretty fraking cool, and real.)
  2. Alice At Wonderland (Duh, her name is Alice)
  3. Combat Babe (She is.. she lets you know what she thinks and I love it!)
  4. FaithHopeAndChocolate ( I love when she leaves me a comment.)
  5. FairyTaleEpicdemic (she’s so sweet)
  6. FISHY!!! (It’s all in the mind, it’s so devious and I love it, like mine!)
  7. Angie ( She’s pretty cool)
  8. MerBear! ( I heart me some MerBear)
  9. MySpokenHeart ( Loveable)
  10. RAURA!!
  11. Revis! (It’s scary how much we can be alike… )
  12. TwinDaddy (The conversations are the bestest evah!)
  13. Jaded (She’s pretty cool too, you’d like her)

And that would be the winners. Good Luck people!


A Bit Late…

I have a bunch of these to go through, so I’ll try to make it painless for you people. TRY! Yes, I know, there is no try, but this time, I can’t promise because I could say it’s not painful, and you could go crying to mommy and daddy and say it is.

First one up… Dun Dun na!

ABC award thingy from Stuph/TwinDaddy.

“The ABC Award is a bit different from other awards in that the only rule is that you come up with something relevant to you for each letter of the alphabet.”

A- Assertive (at times)or… Animaniacs
B- Boba Fett, Who cannot love him.
C- Comically Crazy.
D- Domestically Challenged except when it comes to cooking/ DropKick Murphys
E- Everlong by Foo Fighters. I love it!
F- Frak. I love that word.
G- Go Go Power Rangers.
H- Horrible Blogger Friend
I- Imagination Creation.
J- Joker and Harley ❤
K- Karma, what goes around, comes around.
L- Lazy because sometimes you just dont want to do anything.
M-Mad as a Hatter
N- Nut allergies… among others
O- Oscar, That movie cracks me up
P- Peter Pan/Princess Bride …  I don’t know which is better
Q- Quell… I just like saying it, it can sound magical, even though I know it’s not.
R- Random
S- Star Wars / Sparrows
T- Trust, something I learning to gain again.
U- Unbelievable, like the things that happen to me that are true, and you just don’t get it.
V- Vis… because it means force. Duh!
W- Wolverine
X- Xtreme because those sports are awesome blossom
Y-Yellow, my favorite color as a kid.. now it’s whatever it feels like at the moment.
Z- Zombie! Be prepared, the apocalypse is coming.


Random winners!

1. Angies Grapevine
2. Combat Babe
3. Fairytale Epidemic
4. FiguringItOut
5. MySpokenHeart
6. Dawn&Michael
7. Shaun

Walking on Sunshine!

Some one thought I was full of SUNSHINE! (Hint, it was myspokenheart)

So there some rules:

  1. Make sure to post this award on your blog site.
  2. Nominate 10 fellow bloggers. (It doesn’t have to be 10, just nominate some people who make the sun shine for you)
  3. Please answer 10 questions. (Or you could just tell us some things about you that we don’t already know)
How did they know I love Gerber Daisies?

How did they know I love Gerber Daisies?

Ok so there’s the award. My favorite flower. HINT if you ever want to get me anything 😛


  1. KnockedOverByAFeather
  2. WordsAndOtherThings
  3. Deliberate Donkey
  4. FISHY!
  5. Lennon Sundance
  6. AliceAtWonderland
  7. Sofia Leo (I won’t take it)
  8. Rawra!
  9. TwinDaddy
  10. RoS (Even despite his massive dislike of awards and his ability to tear you in 2 for giving him one. I think he needs sunshine today.
  11. Figuring It Out

So now I have to.. hmm. I didn’t have questions, so I’ll give you some fun facts about me.

  1. I sprained my wrist running into and bouncing off of a very fat kid in gym class when I was in 6th grade. (Go ahead and laugh, the gym teacher did. )
  2. It’s snowing right now, and I feel like a little kid again wishing for a snow day!
  3. I was listening to Bowling for Soup the other day, so now I feel like I’m the girl all the bad guys want.
  4. I’m a Vanquisher! (At least in GuildWars I am. I can kill all the pixels! )
  5. I’m an Irish Punk lover.
  6. I want to move to Boston to party with Dropkick Murphys.
  7. I throw tea parties every day for myself. They’re all mad of course.
  8. Sometimes I wish my life was like my stories I make up.
  9. I’m slow to respond to Awards.
  10. I’ve been slacking on writing.
  11. I’m broken and special.

Ok so, I added an extra. Oh well. Your turns!