We Can Dance if 24 Wants To

Day 24 brings us A song that I have dance to with my best friend.

I’ve never had someone I consider a best friend, just good friends, and it is with this people that you can just be yourself, especially if that is silly and goofy. And to this, it means I can be myself, and just dance, in the goofiest ways of course. One of the times I’ve been dancing around, being silly, having a good time, was with Boyfriend. We enjoy doing things like that. And it doesn’t matter where we are either. The one that I’m recalling right now was very random. I was in a terribly silly mood, and as we walked over to the grocery store, proceeded to dance to music in my head the whole way there. Once we reached it, I still continued to dance to the beat of the songs playing, just very silly. Boyfriend would smile and keep shopping. Then one particular song came on, and he joined me dancing. Right in the middle of the aisle, we were dancing like no one else was around. We had a lot of fun. He lets me be me, and then joins me as well.

Not many would see this one coming:

Also, we were dancing to this one randomly whilst working on other things too.


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