I like 18, but Not all the time

Day 18 is to tell about a song I love, but don’t listen to much.

Honestly, I’ve been thinking about this all day and really cannot pick one. I had 12 hours sitting at work to figure one out, and none stuck in my head. One briefly flew by, but it wasn’t a song I love, it was a song that was just played at every party I ever went to, and then at my parent’s 25th anniversary party, when it was played, someone had a heart attack. Yeah that song is not played anymore. (Electric Slide btw, something about that having to show up at every party around here.)

I guess the closest that would come is, Don’t Speak by No Doubt. I love that song, but I’ve been going through a thing lately that in my head they sold out, which I think they did to a point. So I find it hard to listen to most of their music anymore.

Ok, we’ll stick with that. Don’t Speak by No Doubt, as I do love that song, and any song from that album and further back.


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