Shall We Dance 17?

Day 17 brings us to a song that makes me want to dance.

I’ve been dancing since I could walk. I love to dance, and about 2/3’s the time, it’s actually in rhythm to what is playing. I swear it’s true. I might be white, but somewhere in me is a little bit of dance. So what song is it that I hear and just cannot help but dance to?

I could say any ska music, or swing music, or anything I hear, because it does happen. I love electronic and electroswing as well, but I do love me some classic rock and some 80’s too. So today came to a tie, between a song I would dance to nonstop, and still do whenever I hear it, and one that I recently have been enjoying dancing to, and got Boyfriend into. Are you ready for this? Are you sure about that? Ok, well here it goes.

Tie for makes me want to dance is none other than Caravan Palace’s Suzy, and Kenny Loggings Footloose.

I’m serious. Suzy brings swing back with a new sound. I’ve been into Electro Swing for a while now, and this one got me started on it. It’s amaze balls. Yes, I said amaze balls. Get use to it, Boyfriend tends to rub off on me. I’ve gotten him into this type of music now too. In fact, he does Step Mania tracks, and is making a chart for this song now.

And yes, I said Footloose. I remember watching that movie non stop. I would get up and dance as a child every time the song was on. Would get the family cracking up and of course my sister telling me I cannot dance, so I shouldn’t even try, but then that is how she is. For all intents and purposes, she is the definition of a bitch. The parents agree, though this is digressing. Back to the reasoning with this song. Today, when I hear this song, I still rock out and twice as hard, even if it’s just in the car whilst driving. I know the other drivers envy me and snazzy moves. Of course none will ever compare to the school full of people with the awesome dance moves from a place where dancing was illegal and none should have known how to dance.

And because I couldn’t decide on which version I liked better, this one works good for me.


4 thoughts on “Shall We Dance 17?

  1. Oh! I’m caught up in the excitement! “It’s easy to leap when you are already dancing”.
    Wow! Could this be me?
    I’m sure you can imagine; I’m dancing already!
    Thanks for sharing.

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