16 Made Me Cry

Day 16 is a song that has made you cry.

One of the first songs that comes to mind is Social Distortion’s Angel Wings. It was a time when I had literally stopped myself from feeling to the point that I was numb, and the only way to feel anything was through self mutilation. Then this album came out, Love, Sex, and Rock N Roll. I had bought it right away, because I owned everything by Mike Ness, and it had to go into my collection. I listened to the whole album through, and started bawling. It was the first thing in probably 18 months to elicit an emotion from me without me having to hurt myself to get it. It was a breakthrough of sorts. I had a long road that since then, from 2004 until just this past year to finally put everything behind me, but this song, in particular from that album, reached something inside of me that helped weaken the darkness that had taken hold of me.

In an interview with Mike Ness regarding this album he had the following to say “Definitely more glam and seventies influences and less country since I’m able to realize this part of me better by the Mike Ness Band. And certainly more hope and light than on White Light, White Heat, White Trash. You can’t forever tell yourself and others that life’s all bad. Apart from other things, punk rock also is about fun and loud guitars. Before doing the last album I went through a really hard time, and even if not all is great in my life, I’m much better now than at that time.”  I say it reached it’s mark. I feel the same.


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