I sing to 15

Day 15 is to post a song that I love to sing along to.

I have already told you about one of them, Nickleback’s How You Remind Me. I don’t have the greatest singing voice, or I don’t think I do, but one day in the car, this song came on and I was singing along and Boyfriend told me how I sound good singing it. I think it’s because I have a husky voice when I sing. This still does not stop me from singing though. I love to. So besides the Nickelback song, what other song do I love to sing along to?

So, one of the songs, at least for this week that I’m singing nonstop, is Flyleaf’s All Around Me. Why? I just like it. After hearing about twice, the lyrics stuck in my head. I can sing it with0ut hearing the music, or with it. If I’m listening to it and the music fades out for a moment, I’ll keep singing and when it comes back, I’m right were it left off. Though I do that with a lot of songs. I do that with Social Distortion’s songs, Dropkick Murphy’s songs, and a bunch of others.



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