Somebody that 13 use to Know

So day 13 is a song that reminds me of a former friend. Oh course while I’m thinking of this, my brain is singing Somebody that I Use to Know. I cannot help it, as it was the first song that popped into my head at reading this prompt. However, yes however, it doesn’t make me think of anyone.


So I song that reminds me of someone from my past, well that’s what I get from this suggestion. See I have a lot of what I call former friends, though in reality, if they’re former friends, then they never really were former friends, they were acquaintances. I’ll say it how it is, if they were friends, then they would still be, they wouldn’t have done something for me to stop talking to them. Ok, not everyone, as some people drift away, but then they’re not former, they’re just acquaintances.

So something that reminds of these people, these people that use to be friends. That will have to be SOMETHING YOU DIDN’T SEE COMING TD! Or did you?

I had a summer where I was just hanging with this group of girls that I thought we were all cool like friendship wise together. That summer we had fun, the summer of Blink 182, Something Corporate, Starting Line, Eve6, and bands of the sort. The song I picked is one that fits in that genre, but also says a statement of how I feel about them. I chose to be with the people that are really my friends, not the pretend ones. This one is one I can listen to over and over again, and still have good memories, but know it’s not a time I want to revisit or people I still want to be with.


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