Day 12 – Last Song I Heard

On this day 12 of 25 song challenge, I am to tell you what the last song I heard was.

I listen to music nonstop. I always have my playlist changing and growing. In fact, I usually don’t show my Spotify updates so I don’t annoy everyone with the songs going every few minutes. And as you have seen, I have a variety of music that I listen to. So, what was the last thing I heard?

Spotify tells me that the last song I heard was:

I am certain of this because I’ve been gaming and cleaning today, so it’s halfway through the song that I was listening to whilst on my way back to the apartment. The TV has been on since then, so there has been no other music. Why was I listening to this? Duh, it was on the playlist and shuffle mode said it shall be on. I cannot argue with that.


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