Isn’t 8 great?

Day 8 tells me to post about a song that reminds me of “first love”.


First love, that’s something interesting. What is first love, who would you consider your first love? The boy you were crushing on  in elementary school? Or the first boy to ask you out? What about your first serious relationship? Is that the person you would consider your first love?

I’ve had a hard time with this, so I’m going to go with that popped into my head first. He was my second serious relationship, the person I cared for the most, and was engaged to for a few years. Things didn’t end well with him, lying amongst other things, but when things were good, they were sweet. One of the first songs that I can remember us sharing with each other, that invoked happy loving thoughts, was Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars. We shared a lot of their music with each other, and this one was just one of the first. I still love it, and still feel good listening to it, just in a different way. It was our song to start with, but now it’s just a good song that sometimes makes me think of him.



14 thoughts on “Isn’t 8 great?

  1. That is one of my favourite songs :). I understand what you mean about narrowing it down – who was my first love… I come down to 2 people myself, the first guy I really dated, and the other was a young man that had been my best friend and lover, I really thought we were going to get married one day, but alas life had something different in store for both of us. Now I am racking my brain trying to figure out what song represents each of these ghosts from my past… maybe even a then and a now song.

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