Day 6 … Barely!

Yes, barely made it, but I made it. I was out of commission due to drinking way too much and getting myself sick. I don’t think it was worth it at all.

A song that reminds me of a bestie.

This is a hard one. I’ve been thinking on it for a while and searching through my music to see what each one makes me think of. I don’t  have a lot of people that are super close to me. I’ve been burned by so many times, that I don’t keep many people close, as it’s less of a chance to get hurt. There are a few people that have reached the status of being close. Boyfriend is one, but he has his song coming up later this month. The others, well they’re further away, and by further away, I mean actual distance. I find it easier to talk to people that are further away and have to use texting or emails to communicate.

A song that makes me think of these people?


Why you ask? It’s fun. Songs that are fun I can see just rocking out with my friends. There are probably others, but this one is stuck in my head for now.


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