4 Down, 21 to Go

MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU!  (I had to, it’s the 4th day of the challenge and every Star Wars fan’s favorite day of the year.)

In honor of this great day, I must first supply you with dancing stormtroopers:


Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


Day 4 of our music challenge brings us to:
A song that calms you down.

This is easy, and you would be surprised at my choices. Or not. See the thing is, any music can calm be down. I listen to different types to calm be down based on what has me worked up.

Can’t sleep? This song just brings a calming, relaxed sensation over my entire being. I can have the worst time trying to fall asleep, but put on the 2 hours of Bach’s Cello Suite, and I’m asleep. It is so soothing to me.

I just start to smile and forget everything else with this song, it’s a serene feeling.

Ok, so I’ll stop there, as I can go on forever. Literally. Music is all I need to feel good, most times. Besides, I still have 21 days to fill you with music.


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