Real or Fake?

So cruising around on my facebook today, I saw the below picture:


and it really got me thinking. Real vs Fake. Most of the comments that I saw, were saying how they loved the “fake” version, the painting. Myself, I was automatically drawn to the photograph that the painting was modeled from. That is what is real.

And this leads me to a new line of thought. Are people always drawn to what they want to see instead of what is real?

Is this created from the media, envy, or what?

What do you think? Real, or fake? Why?

I choose real because to me, the beauty is in what we behold and know is truth, not what we are directed to think is “perfect”.


36 thoughts on “Real or Fake?

  1. I prefer real beauty as opposed to manufactured beauty. I almost always think someone looks better without make up than with it. I prefer real. I have trouble respecting fake people.

  2. I think you’ve just helped to prove that the idea of “photoshopping” is not a new one.

    I’m attracted to the colour of the painting, but the photograph is the more attractive image because it’s less brazen and less sexed-up.

      • Or, more like it, be happy with what you’ve got. If you look closely at the two images, in the painting she has longer legs, a bigger bust, a smaller waist and bigger hair – as well as not being in exactly the same position. It’s stopped the image being about the woman, and has made it into something that is perceived as being “better” because of the so-called enhancements.

        It’s no wonder that there are so many body-image issues in the current day, when you think just how long this needing to alter photographs and paintings has been going on for.

  3. I like the real, yet the ‘fake’ is colourful and bright and draws the attention compared to the grey scale photo. I completely understand the point of preferring the real photo. But have to dig further as to why people are preferring the painting. Is it the brightness, and feeling of more texture? or is it the minor changes in her figure, the fact that it is a wee bit sexier, her legs are longer, and more showing, face/head is larger, waist is smaller, etc?

  4. Yep. I think people definitely see what they want to see. Some people want to see perfection, so that is what they are drawn to. Some people want truth, no matter what form it comes in. I want both, so, I can switch back and forth between them. Cuz I’m silly (crazy) like that. πŸ˜‰

  5. I liken this to my preference of Black and White photography over Color images. A well photographed and darkroom manipulated B/W photo brings out much more raw beauty and evokes more feeling in me than a color image in a lot of cases (perhaps leaving the mind free to apply any colors it desires?). Certain cases don’t apply obviously, but I am much more impressed with a good B/W landscape image than stunning color photography.

  6. I kind of feel bad because I feel my picture edits are perceived as fake in which they are if you look at the original versus the photo shopped versions. But I really love creating something new, dare I say/feel artistic from something as simple as reality? I don’t know but I understand both sides. Real is nice because you know what you’ve got but I like the painted version because it show the artistic potential of reality. I am also not sure if the Painting is better I just think it is different. I suppose it is hard for me to classify any image as fake or real because I think whatever the image intends to portray is the real message. I appreciate both. Great post.

    • I can understand that though. I have gotten into Cosplaying, and love dressing up. I can be someone else for a bit, then go back to being me. I add my personality to who I’m also pretending to be.

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