Britt’s Poem

So, in the middle of everything that I was going through, one of my friends was having a bad day, and for all that she has been doing for me, and making me smile, I couldn’t let it go and had to make her smile as well. Brittany and I love sending silly pictures and text back and forth and just encouraging each other, so when she was having a bad day, I couldn’t help but try to cheer her up. PS. you should also check out her blog!

Through this journey
Passing amongst despair
Don’t give up, don’t give in
I’ll teach you how to not be scared

I won’t leave you, you’re not alone
This is where you belong
And in a while this shall pass,
You’ll see that you’ve become strong.

We both know what it’s like,
being who we don’t want to be
But I’ve made it this far,
and am guiding you to me.

I’ll put you back together,
broke piece by shattered piece
Making you smile and live
Until those memories cease.

Yes it is short, but half of it was written in a moment over text…



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