I made a Plan…

I was uploading a new batch of photos I took. I thought I’d share some of them. I’m headed out tomorrow to take a lot more. I’m making it goal to participate next year in the Art Festival here. I have exactly one year to put work together. So I’m trying to make it a goal to go out once a week with camera and see what I can find. Which means you’ll have more artwork to look at! Enjoy lovies.




Iris Center



Iris Open



42 thoughts on “I made a Plan…

  1. Enchanting! I love the one of the Boxer. I used to have one of those sweet dogs. He passed away, sadly. They’re amazing animals.

    That campfire shot is gorgeous too.
    I second what behindthemask said, that you’re very talented. 😀

    • Thanks hun! It’s a Nikon D3100. I’m going to try and keep showing more each week. I hope. Or once a month at least. 🙂 I really do plan on submitting my application for the Arts Festival next year.

    • I figure this gives me a year. I signed up to be alerted when they are accepting applications. I spent today out at the conservatory taking as many photos as I could. I need to take more still! There was so much in one place I didn’t get to do.

  2. Hey x
    Have you stopped Blogging?
    Every time I visit I get the same Dog pic..
    Or am I looking in the wrong place.. 🙂


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