I was so excited today. I get home, and on my messages it said I reached 200 followers. I was so excited and happy. WooHoo, party time! Then the disappointment struck. I couldn’t celebrate, not really, that 200th follower, happened to be a spammer/bot. I was such a sad pony and panda then.



32 thoughts on “Fail!

  1. Hey, a follower is a follower. I loves my spambots. They are quite entertaining the blog to follow please to return soon! And it says up there that you have 205 followers. Did I subscribe via email? I’m not sure. I’ve been doing that because that way I don’t miss posts in that stupid reader. We’ll see.

    I’ll try to get Sad Pony and Squirrel blogs and get them to follow everybody so we can all be fabulously famous!

    • I did! I knew it had to be out there somewhere! And this was the perfect one for it! I think. It was either that it my car ride to and from work today… But I’ll put that into my tea party blog.

  2. *Gasp!* “They like me… they really, really like me! I can’t believe… … … wait a minute… Oh snap! Curse you spambot!” It went something like that, right?

  3. Oh, how frustrating.

    I find it annoying that it counts in all of one’s facebook friends, even though you know that probably only 10% max of them will bother to click on the link.

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