Weekly Soundtrack 5/20-5/26

Yes, I’m a day late and a dollar short, but aren’t I ever that way? Anyways, yesterday I had to play nice and be around family that I wish I didn’t have to be. It’s like a competition to see who can 1+ everyone else, show who is better than everyone else, and I’m surprised they were not whipping out their sausages and measuring. Seriously. It was about half a step from that happening.

But I’m back, and here I am to share my songs for the week with you. Let me preface this by saying, I had a fuster cluck of a week and wish to god I could go back and erase it all. I really do. I do not wish my week upon anyone.. well maybe Fred. He can have it. For the most part, not only was I sick and feeling god awful, heart was broken. It happens. Need to move on. I will eventually.









Ok, I think that’s enough for you tonight. I need to get some for next week after all.



20 thoughts on “Weekly Soundtrack 5/20-5/26

    • Like hell. This week was rough. This weekend was constant battle to feel ok.

      Yes, I’m working on moving on. I need to. Thus the artwork piece I’m working on, of course if I wasn’t sick might be quicker to do.

      • I’m sorry to hear that hun *hugs* Best wishes to feel better soon ā™„

        I’m still working on mine as well. Through writing of course. Wish I could draw as well as you, but I’m confined to stick figures, lol.

      • I have writing ideas but they never quite make paper sounding as good as the scattered fragments of my mind. At least art…. It comes out and is good scattered.

  1. The comment about whipping out their sausages and measuring – oh, my, you have redneck relatives too? I had to spend time at my parents (not redneck like my inlaws, but annoying in their own ways) because the washer broke. I mean, I’m very appreciative that I got to use their washer dryer but . . . I also got an earful from each of them about how the other one was making life totally impossible.

  2. I can’t listen to Social D’s Bad Luck because I’m convinced it gives me bad luck. Every single time I’ve had a car accident, I heard that song within 24 hours before.

    • My life is one continuous streak if bad luck, so I’m safe. Walking to my car after work today, it’s like 9 blocks from the building, get all the way to the parking lit, trip over a crack and there I lay. Sprawled on the concrete. I just laid there, mumbling I saw this coming.

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  4. Big gatherings of people always bother me. Especially family gatherings. Most of my family I don’t even talk to. It’s true what they say–you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family! Glad you survived!

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