Weekly Soundtrack 4/29-5/5

It’s the time of the week again. The end of the fun. 😦 It’s Sunday again, meaning I have to go back to work. Good news for you though! You get to experience some music for the week!

Are you ready? I hope so, this is going to be fun. I promise. Want to know why? Because these are just songs that struck me whilst I was listening away to iHeart radio, not really anything to do with what went on.


1.Β  Stone Sour! I love this song, and wish someone felt this way about me.


2. Fricking Awesome!


3.Β  Freedom!


4. You best be right Skippy…. (Ok, Three Day’s Grace new album is awesome)


5. Look Ma, it’s me!


6. WooHoo!


7.Always need them in your week.


8. Mhmm. ❀


22 thoughts on “Weekly Soundtrack 4/29-5/5

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