Blood, Needles, and Doctors, OH MY!

So, you may have noticed I haven’t been posting much lately. It’s a mix of writers block and pain. I’ve been suffering from a nonstop headache for several weeks.Ā  Where the most pain is, there is a small lump. Hmm, that’s interesting. When did that get there? Could that be a problem? Maybe it’s time to see a doctor.

So off to the horrible place full of evil people I went. (In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I have phobias, and one of them involves doctors and hospitals… major panic attacks, uncontrollable.) A quivering and a shaking I went with a tummy full of the worst butterflies you could find. Like giant rabid ones, oh my! Sitting in the waiting room after checking in, you look down and see my leg a twitching and bouncing away. I kept sending messages to someone that kept me calmer and told me I can survive. ( And now you’re back, from Outer Space…) Ok, I can do this. Breathe girl, breathe.

I’m called into the exam room. (Run girl, run. Right now! GO!)

Oh God not you!

Oh God not you!

Into that sterile hellish prison I go.

So they go through these “routine” questions that they insist upon me answering. Why, I’m not sure as they do not seem to contain anything regarding my current situation. (Really, did you need to know why I didn’t have health insurance since 2009 and that I’m no longer engaged.) Then they take the vitals. (Btw, no, I don’t need to hear about you trying to buy a new smart phone. I don’t feel like offering you my opinion since you will not listen anyways.) Then they ask the question… why are you here. Oh, now you think that is important? Hmmm.

“Well I have had a headache for about 2.5 3 weeks now and it has not gone away. Then one day when I tried to massage it away I found this squishy lump. Interestingly enough, that’s the area that the pain radiates from. Also, funny enough, my face and head goes icy stabbing numb from that area randomly.”

Ok, the doctor will see you soon…

How much I loathe those words. 30 minutes later, after pacing around the room and staring at all the random things they left in there about diabetes and COPD. Not very interesting or containing anything for me at the moment. I started sleeping on the table.

“So, Alice, why are you here today?”

Did she seriously just ask me that? Is that not in the chart that I just explained it all. Sigh. I really should have ran when I had the chance.

After that, she proceeded to check my head and eyes and nose. “Well, this is just a cyst, so it shouldn’t be causing you any problems. I think you’re just having a serious headache.” (Did she really just say that?) “Let’s try 3 days of a steroid to break it up. I’ll be right back with the prescription.”

Sure you’ll be right back. Again, 20 minutes later….

Ok, so now I have the medication prescription and a prescription to get blood drawn after fasting. Off I go.

Lets jump to a about 36 hours later for some blood drawing. Good times I tell you.

Here I am thinking just like 3 vials of blood, nope wrong. These people are blood sucking vampires! I might as well have donated blood. 9 fraking vials of blood. Oh and then they send me off with a cup to pee in. Really? Pee in a cup to see about headaches? Sickos.

Blood results? Nothing. Just elevated cholesterol levels.. ie. diet and exercise more. Got it.

So back to the steroids. Did they help? Goodness me, NO! In fact everything was made worse. Now my whole head is in pain, constant nagging fiery burning and pain, with these periods of icy numbness. It’s a party. So now, tomorrow I’m off to get a brain MRI. Remember how I don’t like doctors, yeah, this is included in it.

I’d rather deal with the vampires again. The weird sickos that want blood and urine, well they did have a redeeming quality. They dug my Star Wars t-shirt.


51 thoughts on “Blood, Needles, and Doctors, OH MY!

  1. I get terrible migraines. Where is the lump?
    I have issues with my “Trigeminal Nerve”. I actually will get knotted muscle lumps along the side of my head/the nerve. I think this might be what you have going on. Steroids would most definitely not be helpful. The only thing that helps me is massage and enough pain medication to knock out a rhino. If you feel well enough look it up online. It’s a huge nerve and the pain is mind numbing and makes me throw up (sorry tmi). Stress, tears, red wine – weird stuff triggers the problem. II’m sending healing wishes your way. Headaches are are most doctors..

    • They said it could possibly be that. I’m just wishing for the pain to go away. One day. Just one day.. I’m hoping they figure it out and stop making it worse for me.

      Thanks hun. Hugs.

      • If it gets to a certain point and you have someone to drive you go to the ER. I usually end up in one a few times a year. They can try to get your pain under control. Good luck. :-/

      • So far it’s annoying, but I am use to the pain. I have fibromyalgia, so it’s something I am kinda use to. It was commented on at work today that it looked like I had toner from fixing the copier, nope, was black eyes from my headaches.

        ANd to make it better, the MRI machine was down, so now I have to wait until Thursday morning.

  2. That does not sound fun at all. I’ve had MRI’s as well, they are pretty easy to deal with so I hope you make it!

  3. Aww poor NQA! I hope it goes away quickly and that nothing terribly major is the issue. Still, a 3 week headache sounds insane and it seems like the doctors are all la-di-da about it. Not cool. May your MRI go smoothly! xx

  4. Ugh…
    Yeah, ugh.
    In high school I was “so weak I couldn’t get out of bed and walk without help” sick and running a fever. My mom got me into the car and off to the doctors – the whole morning later, tests, blood drawn, etc… there is nothing wrong me. Off you go, lots of fluids, lots of rest, you’ll be fine. I fainted on the way back to the car, my mom wasn’t strong enough to hold me up, and I smashed my nose on the ground… they decided something might actually be wrong with me and gave me something to “help…”
    Have I mentioned I’m allergic to mold based drugs (penicillin, amoxicillin)? Good times.
    This cycle repeated itself three more times in college… and then I just stopped going to the hospital. Funny story – I haven’t been that sick since.
    My wife has similar stories too.
    She delivered the little prince at home so we could avoid hospitals and doctors for the whole process. It went smoothly, perfect, great!

    I hope the MRI helps them figure out what’s going on so you can get well!

    • Have to wait on the MRI, it’s rescheduled until Thursday as the machine decided to go down this morning.

      Oh I’m allergic to just about all medications. Sulfa and the mold based ones. They’re limited as to what I can take.

      Glad you’re doing better! YAY.

  5. I hate doctors too. Hate. Hate. Hate. And the questions they don’t listen to the answers to…grrrr.

  6. The problem with headaches is the causes are so hard to pinpoint. I feel your pain sister. For the last decade or so, I’ve had a constant low-grade headache, flaring up into a supernova from time to time. “They” have no idea why. šŸ˜

  7. I really hope your feeling better soon and they figure out whats going on…Feel better soon and good luck tomorrow!!! Will be thinking of you!!

  8. Ew, I’m so sorry for your pain! I have the same issue…back in 8th grade, I passed out in church due to a migraine and spent 4 hours in the emergency room doing the whole blood test, urine test, etc., thing. And a couple of years ago, I had a lump appear behind my right ear. The doctors said it was a lymph node that had been pushed up from my neck and it was lying on a nerve. They didn’t do anything about it, it killed the nerve, and I was in pain for awhile. Sometimes I think that the doctors just make up nonsense to get your money. Either way, I’ll be praying for you! Good luck!

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