Just Breath

So I had an awesome time of collaborating with HastyWords on a poem, inspired by one of her own.
Just Breathe
Don’t worry….there is no cure
No plan….no safe place to run
My mind is rejecting my sanity
A story without a happy ending
How to make this right

Can I go on
Standing on the ledge

And the safety net is gone

He keeps knocking on my door
Handsome and creative wanting me
But I can see the evil in his eyes
Tempting me to lose myself, insanity
No, I must stay strong.
Don’t glance, don’t peek.
You can do this.
Just say those words
Though the mantra is soft
It is steady and strong
Over and over I speak
Until into my brain it seeps
Looking into your eyes
The words are on display
The darkness fades away

And peace comes out to play


9 thoughts on “Just Breath

  1. I have nominated you for the Leibster Award and if you’d like to participate the questions/instructions are on my page.
    I loved the picture and poem pairing above. 🙂

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