Where Did all the Words Go?

My mind has been blank for a while. I’m not sure why, but it’s a bit empty. I was thinking of what I could tell you, and share with you, but right now, my mind is just blank and I’m going to blame the pain of a 4 week long headache. I’m working on getting it looked at. We did the first round off steroids, no results. So that means I call them back up tomorrow to schedule an MRI.

So I’ve been trying to think of something to write about, and I realized it fell into my lap, well not really, it happened a few weeks ago, right at around the time of my headaches.

I love sports. Hockey is my favorite. Absolutely favorite! I’ve followed it since the year the Penguins won the Stanley Cup in 1990-1991 season. I was around 8, and was immediately hooked. I cannot help it. Something about it called out to my tomboy side in a huge way. It didn’t matter that they kept declining after winning the cup again the following season, I’ve followed them loyally, even through the Strikes, I was waiting and praying for hockey season to return.

Then the new era started with Sid, Malkin, and Fleury. Neal, Talbot, and Guerin.  Oh I was in love even more than I thought I could be. I actually was able to wait on Billy Guerin and Fleury when I was waitressing. It was at different times. Guering was at dinner after a charity event game. Fleury, I waited on when he first came to play here.  Also had the change to wait on a bunch of Steelers too, but I’m sorry, Hockey trumps Football, and Football trumps American Football every time. Welcome to my world people!

Anyways, the whole point of this… I was picking up lunch the other day at the local Sheetz gas station, getting my MTO on, and I turn around, and who do I see? Fleury! No joke. I work right by where I work is the International Airport, and the team was flying out soon for an away game. Someone was down to earth and let me get a photo with him. That is all. It made a crappy day kinda better.

One way to make my day better...

One way to make my day better…


44 thoughts on “Where Did all the Words Go?

  1. I’m totally smitten with Del Zotto from the Rangers, but I don’t keep up so for all I know he could not be with them anymore. Either way he’s a complete hottie.

  2. That’s badass! I’m a hockey fan too. It’s the only sport I really care about.

    (I’m a Red Wings fan though.)

    Good luck with the MRI. I’ve had severe headaches for decades. It’s no fun.

    • Thanks! I was so excited. And surprised no one else knew who he was.
      Thanks. I hope it just goes away soon. I’m tired of dealing with the pain. It’s not fun. I just want to destress, and it’s not allowing me.

      • Hockey is the best sport ever. It always amazes me that more people don’t realize that.

        Well, here’s hoping they find something fixable. My headaches are from childhood meningitis, head injury and just generally being Finnish. Nothing they can do about any of that.

      • lol. They’re not really sure what’s wrong yet. They thought they could “shock”it outta me using steroids. Nope. I told them it’s radiating from a squishy lump on my head, they said it’s just a cyst and shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Hmm. I just want to sleep one night, hopefully.

  3. Hey. I hope everything goes well with the MRI.

    You are a hockey fan…yay!!! Nice pic!!! Lol not too much excitement there…*ahem*. Like FOG, the Wings are my team. So glad they made the playoffs. Being in Chicago, I’m being tortured by Blackhawk fever. Of course, I want the Wings to win, but if it is the Pens against the Hawks, go pens…BTW, Scotty Bowman is the genius of hockey.

    One point where we don’t agree is goonery. Claude Lemieux was a goon…but turtled when the chips were down. Loved this post times infinity.

    • Lets hope!

      Well the whole story is we were trying to be serious since the girl taking the photo ended up recording a video instead so we were trying to stop laughing.

      Lol. I really want it to be a pens vs Blackhawks just because they’re both so evenly matched. But another pens red wings cup would be awesome.

  4. Wait, wait, wait… did you just rank two sports above American Football?? And one of them you put down as football (so I’m assuming that’s soccer, right?) I may be crushing on you a bit right now! 😉

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