Weekly Soundtrack 4/22-4/28

Can you believe we made it through? And that sadly the weekend is almost over. That’s always the worst part, knowing that tomorrow is Monday. I wish it wasn’t. I would much rather stay at home and sleep.

There really is not a theme, just songs that hit/struck a nerve, or made me think.

1. This one had me thinking, I can relate to parts. It’s like when I came out of the daze that JERK had put me into.

2. I kinda like it, a lot, this week. Don’t you be messing with me now!

3. This, again, another bringing up the past, but I like it. It’s been my mood, but look, it has a happy ending!

4. Well, I think I’m in a slightly evil pissed off mood this week. I blame it on the headaches and pain and rolled ankle.

5. It’s my story, deal with it people!

6. I like it, it’s been a shine down type of week.

And that would be it for the week for now. I’ll make a list and let you know for next week!

Enjoy lovies.



3 thoughts on “Weekly Soundtrack 4/22-4/28

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