I’m a Dragon, hear me RAWR!

See. RAWR!

See. RAWR!


MerBear is awesome! She gave me this awesome award for being awesome to an awesome person. How Awesome is that?

First, here are the people that I feel are my loyal awesome people: ( I hope I didn’t miss anyone! Sorry if I did.)

Matty Matt

Love you guys!

Facts about me!

1. I’m trying to become healthy again.
2. I kinda like someone. Yes, crushing on them.
3. I rolled my ankle yesterday, which is now nicely swollen, because I forgot I was wearing heels for work. Stupid corporate people visiting and making me dress nice.
4. I have a new book. It’s awesome. I’m in love with it. http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/all-things-alice-linda-sunshine/1111614608?ean=9781400054411&x=51192704
5. I’m taking the dogs for a walk. I have a swollen ankle. And I have to walk up 2 hills and down 2 hills.
6. There’s a gym at the rec center down the street. I only just found out about this. Hmmm.
7. I drank no caffeine until 5pm today. OMG, how did I survive?



49 thoughts on “I’m a Dragon, hear me RAWR!

  1. Daw, thanks, dear. And you are a dragon. And stupid corporate people indeed. And hope your ankle feels better. And I think that’s all. šŸ˜‰

  2. Hooray for a new award! And this one has a dragon on it! I’m geeking out majorly – mostly for the “loyalty” bit… but, come on, it’s a dragon! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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