Soundtrack 4/15-4/22

And here it is, Sunday. The end of the week to me, as tomorrow starts the work week all over again. Thus being said, it’s time for my weekly soundtrack. Oh you’re going to love this one! I’ve had an insane week, and my music is just fitting into it so well.

1. My theme song of the week.Β  I couldn’t start or end the work day without it:

2. It spoke to me and well.. You’ll see:

3. Sometimes, the right people are there when you need them. Right for your Soul.

4. It fits how I’ve been feeling and how you’ve (you people know who) have made me feel after a week of awfulness:

5. Hey Fred.. Take a hint. Mwahaha.


And there you go, that’s it. Kisses and Hugs lovies.


7 thoughts on “Soundtrack 4/15-4/22

  1. I like Country Song, but I got burnt out on it when it first came out. At that point I was allowed to listen to the radio at work and the station around here played it all the time. I actually counted one day, and in my 8 hour shift they played it 13 times (if they didn’t play it again while I was on lunch).

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