Just a Quickie!

So Melanie beat me to it today, but I’m still going to post it. I just got back from seeing my cousin, and she helped me shed some dead weight.

Yup, it grows quickly.

Yup, it grows quickly.

I’ve been growing my hair for about 3 years from a pixie cut. Then when I met JERK, he liked long hair, and said he could only date someone with long hair. If I had cut it, he would drop me. Well he dropped me anyways. I had kept it long, was going to keep it long, but then he has tried coming back into my life. I want to send a message. So I am.

It's gone!

It’s gone!

It’s gone. I am starting small. More than likely I will take it to a pixie later. A shaggy pixie. I love the shaggy look. It’s fun. Anyways. My cousin cut my hair. We lost a lot. A whole lot. I like it. Not only cut my hair, I cut off the dead weight he created. I’m sending him a message. I don’t want you. I don’t need you.

Take a hint!

I feel awesome!

I feel awesome!


17 thoughts on “Just a Quickie!

  1. It looks so awesome! I know that’s got to feel good. And it’s not just a message to him, it’s to you too: it’s your life, it’s your hair, it’s your decision. You are in charge of you. You go girl!

  2. Yay for losing hair and rebelling against ahole jerks who insist on long hair. WTF is up with that? As I told Melanie, it’s your head, do what you like, and you’re gorgeous!

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