Week in Music – 3/29/13

It’s that time, it’s the weekend! Which means… my week in music wrap up! What an interesting week it has been. Well music wise. I shared yesterday one of my songs, but there are much more. So without further ado ( that’s a fun word to say, ado. )

(BTW, there is a theme going on here…. do you know what it is?)

1. Let’s start with the one that I was driving to today blasting and singing to. Also, it’s from one of my favorite movies…. FanBoys.

2. This one reminds me of what I’ve been doing for the past years, I’m moving out of it, but I still tend to do it.

3. I do have a few theme songs, and this one is always there.

4. This one is a toss up between 2, but they both fit me. The both suit in different ways, dealing with my addiction (ok I haven’t relapsed lately, doesn’t mean it isn’t an addiction.) and also with … well something I don’t want to mention yet, but it’s good.

5. Somehow these guys always fit in somewhere. Just couldn’t decide which one..



6 thoughts on “Week in Music – 3/29/13

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