Week in Music. 3/23/13

So I missed last week, that’s ok, I was sick and it wasn’t much to write about, or actually share.  Perhaps I’ll make this one a bit of both weeks. You want that anyways. There’s no theme, like Revis did, but it’s how my week went.

The first one up is… Social Distortion, after all, they’re with me every week.  These 2 go together, as well, you’ll see.

So let’s see what’s next. Oh yes, work and how I loathe thee. This one is perfectly fitting:

I’m trying to move on and past, here is one of the theme songs for the week:

I need to remind myself constantly this week that while I’m a bit of an odd duck, but I’m not alone, I have my support from YOU!

Another week of dodging JERK….


4 thoughts on “Week in Music. 3/23/13

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