My Claddagh

It’s been with me most of my life, ok slightly more than half. It was lost and replaced. It’s a reminder of the love I’ve been shown from my family. It represents what I want in a husband or boyfriend. It’s a reminder of what to look for in anyone I want to be friends with, someone that I want to trust.

My Claddagh ring has been with me since I was 13 or 14 years old. Most people see it, and they just view it as an Irish ring. A symbol of those with an Irish background. For me, it’s a symbol of the qualities I want in me, as well as any in my life. But what does the Claddagh stand for? Why was it created?

Here’s my ring…

Ignore the thumb that was broken.  You didn't see a thing

Ignore the thumb that was broken. You didn’t see a thing. As well as the knee brace I have on, bulky thing that it is.

Ok, that’s a bit hard to see. I have a small Claddagh, green stone, 2 white crystals on each side. Anyways, here’s a better Google Picture.

claddagh_hands_heartThere, that’s better looking. So what does this stand for? Love, loyalty, friendship. The most basic and most needed qualities in a person. Wearing it every day is a reminder of what I want to be, and look for in others.

This symbol came about after the town of Claddagh, a fishing village in Ireland. As the legend there goes, the master goldsmith there was kidnapped on a trip, and when he finally returned, gave the ring in the symbol shown above to his one true love. Aw! It warms my heart. No, really, it does. Ok, since you cannot tell, I’m narrowing my eyes and glaring at you until you agree. Don’t make me smack you!

There is a trick to wearing the ring, it comes with symbolism. If you are wearing it on your right hand, crown pointing towards you, your heart is free, crown pointing outwards, shows that you are considering love, or dating someone.  If it changes to your left hand, crown towards you, Oh my,  congratulations  on your engagement, and  if changes to the crown outwards, you are most happily married. Your heart is no longer free.

I love my ring. And while it is showing all that my heart is free, I’m very happy.  I’m learning who I am, and how best to show my loyalty,  friendship, and love to those that mean the most to me.


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