Wrap Up of the Week in Songs

What an interesting week. I have been up and down, around, and into a war. So what would sum up my week? There are so many songs I can think of, but what would represent what my week has been. Curses! I can only do 5.

Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of  five songs that represent it.

I’ve had a few issues I’ve been dealing with this week. Some have been work, others, well I’m trying to ignore, but!! the work issue came to a head and this song kept going through my head… (Also this has been JERK’s theme song for a while now)

This one goes with me every week. It’s an anthem to me. It has gotten me through so much in my life.

Not only have I been having a rough week, but I know some others that have, therefore this song is most fitting, because if I could, I’d take it all away.

So yes, work has been the main issue of the week, and it was horrid the whole week. Again, Fred brought out a new side of me.

Finally,when you fall down, you need to get back up, and this is for those that have been helping me, and in turn who I will help.



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