Oh My! Tag! You’re it!

Oh that silly storm trooper nabbed me! TwinDaddy, I shake my fist at you!

Again with the rules people! Always making rules.

1. Post these rules. … Ok did that.
2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you. A Photo!? Real or fake!? What about one of each?
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.

Ok so me…

So I found a real one of me… I’m scared, you’ll laugh. Anyways… here it is!

It's a monster!

It’s a monster!

Ok, now I’m suppose to tell you more about me… what don’t you already know?

1. I’m a geek.. you knew that.
2. I wear glasses. Duh!
3. I like books. Lots and lots of books on all sorts of things!
4. I broke my nose when I was younger. It has a bump in it now. I like my bump.
5. My head itches. So I scratched it.
6. I have a mischievous streak. It’s rather wide and long. Not like that you perv! Mind, meet gutter, now get out!
7. I do not have 6 fingers on my right hand.
8.  I was sold a parrot, it turned out dead, the pet store said it wasn’t dead, just stunned.
9.  I have a knack for trouble.
10. I didn’t expect this type of inquisition!
11. I have many food allergies, restaurants dislike me for that.

Ok, time to answer!

  1. Dogs shouldn’t snore.  Why the hell is my dog snoring? He drank too much beer, duh!
  2. Describe the most embarrassing moment you ever endured. Getting pants by my lack of shape on my hips, in the middle of a busy street lined with bars carrying a case of beer. That could be it, maybe. 
  3. My butt’s numb from sitting here for so long.  Wait, that’s not a question.  You have a wedgie.  Do you take care of immediately or wait until no one will notice you taking care of it?How bad it is? Do I notice it a lot, if it’s bothering me, I might fix it. 
  4. A coworker has some nasty body odor.  How do you address the situation? Soap and deodorant suddenly appear on said coworker’s desk.
  5. You just farted.  You are relieved that it wasn’t loud but it quickly becomes apparent that it was SBD.  Do you blame the dog? Smile and nod your head. With an Oh god, that feels better.
  6. You don’t have a dog.  Who do you blame now? I didn’t blame the dog anyways.
  7. Who’s the most hilarious blogger you follow besides me? Hello, I’m just pure awesome
  8. Some dude’s fly is down.  Do you do the considerate thing and tell him or are you too embarrassed to say anything because you’d have to admit you were looking at his junk? Dude, I don’t want to see that now, I cant help it that it’s at my eye level, do you mind?
  9. What is the funniest movie EVAR?? Shrug
  10. I got so drunk this one time that I actually…. Danced.
  11. If you could be any species in that galaxy far away, which would it be (yes, I’m referring to Star Wars)? Zabark

Your Questions!

1. Why is 6 afraid of 7?
2. Pluto, do you still think he’s a planet?
3. Any car in the world.. no money restrictions, what is it?
4. What happens when you mix those 2 chemicals on your left over there together?
5. Sherlock or the Brain?
6. Why?
7. Black Keys or 3 Days Grace?
8. Where did I leave my car keys?
9.  Why were my keys there?
10.  What is the Hokey Pokey really all about?
11. If Gambit married Rogue, what powers would their kids have?

And my victims!

Lily In Canada
Combat Babe
The Lone She Wolf
Knocked Over By A Feather
Depression Nation
Praying For One Day
Polysyllabic Profundities


Have fun!



19 thoughts on “Oh My! Tag! You’re it!

  1. “Shrug?” I’m not familiar with that movie… I’ll have to imdb it. 😛

    Eek! I’ve been tagged. I don’t realy enjoy being “it” though so I better tag a whole bunch of other people super fast so I can go back to being “not it.”

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