And thus it will be so!

So as you know, this week has been crazy, with sadness thrown in, though I’m not talking about the sadness today. I have to deal with it tomorrow and thus am trying to not think upon it today.

I’ve had time to think these past few days, and there will be changes made. I’m having more random thoughts in my head that need to come out, not usually dealing with depression. I’m not the only one to have them I know. There are always things wanting to fall out of heads. It needs a home. There has to be a home for these words, and thus there shall be. I’m morphing, will have 2 blogs. One will be this one of course, where it will stay the same, but I’m going to be transitioning my more random thoughts and stories (Klaus and Mummy and the like) will have a home of their own.

But wait!

This home is not just for my randomness. It can be for yours as well. I want to share my randomness, and invite you to post there as well as guest bloggers. If you want to share your story with depression, then it will go with Rabbit Hole Trips, but I will be posting on both. (I have to set it up, but will be the mad tea party in my head I think… that was a random comment that came blurting out in the middle of a conversation with random people).

Also, I had a friend send my a card today, It’s suppose to be a Valentines card, but the statements made me laugh. She’s a great friend. It said “I don’t know why I put up with you. ” on the outside. The inside said “oh that’s right, because you put up with me.” She knows me too well. I proceeded to send her a pic that said “If you need an unsympathetic and slightly distracted friend, I’m there for you.”

You always need a friend like that in your life.


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