Go Away Kitty.

I have been thinking. Yes a dangerous pastime I know, but one that must be indulged in from time to time. So what were you thinking about, you ask? Well, if you really want to know, I can share that with you.

It’s a comparison sort of day for me. Everyone needs to do that. Alice has been one of my favorite characters for her braveness, her courage, her persistence. She battled through the strange land she was thrust into, and made it out on the other side.Β  That’s how I want to view myself. I want to be able to do that.

She had met some rather interesting and diverse characters on her travels. Thinking upon that, I wondered if I have ever met anyone in my life that would be like the characters Alice met. The first one that popped into my head was the Cheshire Cat. Yes, I have met him. Maybe you have too.

Rather creepy isn't he?

Rather creepy isn’t he?

He is the person that puts on a charming front. You think he is rather clever. Then he tries to lead you astray. Tells you where to go, what to do, and while you think these are good ideas, they’re the wrong ones. Oh he knows it, he’s just trying to lead you astray, make you in the wrong, see what happens when you go the wrong way. That important event you are going with him? He’ll make sure you are the butt of every joke while he is such a charming, friendly, life of the party type of guy. He is very devious, so much so, that you do not even see it coming.

Mysterious, devious, mischievous, charming, as well as completely and utterly mad. It was the madness that you didn’t quite notice. It was well hidden. Yes, I know, the Cheshire Cat openly admits to being mad, but this one does not. He hides it, yet tells you that you are the crazy one. Sometimes so much so, that you believe you are the one that is completely insane (of course though, I know I’m not completely mad, my mom had me tested).

For me, this was the ex fiance, as well as the JERK.Β  Perhaps you have your own in your life, or had them. Either way, I’ve learned, and I’m standing up for myself.

Bad Kitty!

Bad Kitty!

Bad Kitty! Bad! Go away Kitty, I don’t need you anymore.


21 thoughts on “Go Away Kitty.

      • International therapy dog. A program where your dog takes a test and becomes certified to visit hospitals nursing homes, therapy places. He visits. Allows people to pet him and such. He allows a lot of things happen to him and he lets it go. I saw my nephew trying to ride him like a horse, kids walking around holding him around the neck, he will put his paws on a bed and lay his head down for people to pet him, and doesnt let the hospital things bother him.

      • I volunteered at a shelter and found out about it, and then when I would take him shopping with me at the pet stores, the trainers would always remark about how was unfazed and calm about everyone and every animal approaching him, so said I should give it ago. I did. And it’s so awesome.

  1. I fear that I have been the cheshire cat a few times in my life – that I knowingly led people astry because it suited my purposes. Does admitting now that I know what I did was wrong ease my burden? Does the guilt I feel help me be forgiven? Alas, I must live with the aftermath of the choices I made from my youth, and some of those decisions will haunt me forever. But, I’ve learned and I’ve changed and I know I will never be that bad kitty again.

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