I just had to put this somewhere. I’m trying one of my new teas. This one is from Teavana, it’s called Sakura Allure Green Tea. It’s so good. You can smell the cherries, your mouth waters. Then when you taste it, you get the sweetness from the cherries, mango, and pineapples, then the smooth calming taste of the bamboo. It’s almost a cooling feeling. It’s so nice. You should really try it. I mean it.

Ok, just a little knowledge I needed to impart to someone, and so you are it.


15 thoughts on “Tea!

  1. That would be mad cool to get real logo bricks… wait a sec , I meant have to SAY, not day ! Good grief, I need sleep ! Enjoy the rest of your weekend !

  2. My favourite tea of the moment is a Creme Brulee tea from T2 (I don’t know if you have that store over there?). It’s like after dinner treats in a mug!

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