Something to Look Forward To!

I’ve been wanting to get back into photography for a while. I love it! And I can try to earn some extra money sometimes with it. Besides just making people smile, or myself feel better. I could not decide whether or not to get a new camera though. I WANTED it, but didn’t NEED it. Well, i am OCD and have impulse control issues on Saturday, the inner dialog won apparently and I bought it.


Remember, I’m ocd with impulse control issues… I tried to fight it! But it was yelling and crying “Lindsay!! You are negelcting me, please take me home and make me feel wanted!” NO camera, I can’t, I don’t need you!
Yes you do need me, I’m that missing puzzle in your life, you will feel complete if you have me.
COme my child, to the dark side, you know you want me,
BUT… BUT… No, I can’t.
YEs, I can feel it in you. It’s calling to me.
Yeah, you’re right. I do. Ok. Now where is my cookie?!


Yes, that’s what truly went through my head. That’s also an exert from an email I sent to a friend. This is how things are with me all the time. I constantly have those type of conversations running through my head. But, this will be to your benefit, I shall share more art with you!


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