Music and My Life.

After reading the daily prompt from TwinDaddy’s blog today, I told him I’d reply with a post. So, are you ready? Can you handle this? Ah, who cares, it’s my musical journey anyways.

What role does music play in your life?

There is not a part of my life that has not been touched by music. It started as a child and continues up to now, and I know it will even beyond this point.

Despite what people think upon meeting me, I’m a huge Bach fan.  I was in ballet from 3 til 13, and elementary and middle school, I was in music classes. I learned to play the flute and the piano. It kept me somewhat controlled.  I’d rather have been in gymnastics, a rough and tumble sort of atmosphere, but I did excel. It taught me to love classical music, and I found that Bach was my favorite composer. I’ll even listen to some Opera. Not a lot, but I do listen to some.

If you were to go through my  music collection, you would see classical, opera, classic rock, hard rock, metal, symphonic metal, punk, dub step, drum and base, and yes, some pop and country are in there too.

The biggest part music plays in my life is my therapy though. From the darkest depressions I’ve been in, there’s been music to pull me out, comfort me, describe what I do not know how to describe. It is my life.

Social Distortion, Rancid, Gary Jules, The Fray, 3 Doors Down, The Frames, Mumford and Sons, Better Than Ezra, Foo Fighters, Beck, Hot Hot Heat, Disturbed, AC/DC, Big and Rich, and many others, have what I cannot describe into words to share. Relationships, heartache, rape, depression. They’re all described.

I remember I was so excited for my first album I bought all myself. It was the Wallflowers. Remember them? One Headlight still holds a very dear spot in my heart. I remember having the biggest crush on Jakob Dylan. Come on, besides being Bob Dylan’s son, he is a hottie. In my opinion. And of course that means it’s correct!  Right after that, I bought Tragic Kingdom. Funny, all my first albums were bought when I was around 13. I remember riding the bus to school listening to them drowning out the rest of the world. Letters to Cleo was mixed in there too. Of course don’t forget Guns N Roses, because your albums are not complete without them!

I break down and cry each time I hear When I’m Gone and Away From the Sun by 3 doors down. It was the first depression I was going through it just struck a nerve and connected when I heard it. I wanted someone to feel that way for me. Social Distortion was there for my longest depressions. It gave me hope, helped me pull back together. They became my anthem for living and breathing, for trying to move on. I’ll admit it right now, I’m crying because I put the song on and all I need are the first chords, and the line “let go of your tears some more” and I’m lost. It pulls me back and makes me feel alive.

I can continue, but only if you want me to, but I’ll continue under the songs and lyrics category with other songs I haven’t touched yet. I’m rambling and losing my thoughts. They’re becoming rather scattered, and you don’t deserve that.


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