Such a Debonair Sort of Chap.

Imagine it!

There’s a monocle, top hat, a ‘stache, and the ever dashing walking stick. And to imagine, his pet octopus! Who would imagine? Who would ever think of meeting such a chap?

Well, I will allow you become acquainted with Mummy.

Mummy is the ever loveable sort of chap. He will curse you as you curse him. He can hold you tight when it’s needed, or when it’s not. He is ever loyal to a fault, believe me, there are faults. He’s smarter and classier than your average man. Knows how to dress with style.

The best part, well besides the octopus ( after all, who wouldn’t want a pet octopus?) is the antics he goes on with me. We’re a pair of adventurers. Time traveling and racking up the stories to tell. Would you like to know about them? Want to hear about them? Have a recommendation for where we shall go? Let us know !

Mummy and me may grace you with the tales of our adventures if you are deemed worthy. Are you worthy?


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