Victim or Survivor

I’m here on this road to healing. It’s not the smoothest one. There are bumps, pot holes, road blocks, as well as a few easy spots here and there. It’s about self discovery, finding out where you have been, where you are going, and what you can learn from everything.

Where I am at now, is a conundrum. Am I a victim, or a survivor? Can I be both? Are there benefits, or pitfalls to these?

This is where I am at. I admitted what happened to me. I’ve made it this far. I acknowledge that I had was a victim. I was taken advantage of, I was violated. I was attacked and had a part of me stolen away from me. Yes, that makes me a victim. But is that so wrong? Does that rule and dictate who I am?

Am I survivor? I’ve made it this far.  Does that mean I’m good? Not at all. I am trying to seek help. Does that mean I’m done, I can keep going? I highly doubt it.

What makes a survivor? Is it admittance and continuing to move forward? Is it the ability to barely awaken and try to keep going on each day? Is it knowing that I have my problems, but trying to move past them? Do they make a survivor?

What would you say?

I say I’m both. I’m a victim of a crime, but I’m not letting it define me. How you let your past dictate your future, in my opinion, will define whether or not you are a victim or survivor.  Do you live in the past, or do you try to move on, move past?  What do you make of it?  I want to be a survivor, someone that you can look upon and feel proud of.  I want to be what inspires others. I want to live.


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