There’s a Fork…

There comes a time in ones life that they must make a decision. Ok, there are actually a lot of times that one must be faced with having to pick A or B. Perhaps even C or D. Today is one of those days.


I was trying to put finances in order yesterday, being that I was sick and couldn’t find anything else to do. As I was looking at them, I noticed I’m rather short on cash.  Time to do something about that. But what? I have a vacation coming up in a month that I rather don’t have the funds for. Sorry Mickey, I’ll have to see you briefly I guess. Anyways. The decision.  Should I focus on one of my hobbies to generate more income? If so, which? Sketching? Jewellery? Photography?

Then that brings another question to mind. Use the “account” to buy a new camera now, or wait? (Don’t worry, it’s Dell… Oh I have credit cards, but they’re not for vacation 😦  ) If I get one now, should I get a Canon, or a Nikon? Which one? Of course it’s going to be a digital SLR because that’s the best kind. It just means that I no longer have to work with a darkroom and chemicals.

There’s too many choices, and I know my ways, they lean towards the wrong ways. What’s a girl to do? I need to spend money to make money, but which way do I spend this money? Which will bring in the greater rewards?



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