It’s all black and white to me.

Sometimes how we see things I believe is skewed. When everything is colored, we see what people want us to see. There is only the beauty they show us.


That’s not how I see things. I’ve been told that there is no middle ground for me, just things in black and white, but to me, those are the most beautiful. I grew up watching black and white movies, loved looking at photographs of things in black and white, or sepia.  Something about the beauty it holds pulls me, draws me in, and shows me the truth about things.

Truth lies in the beauty that is seen through the world of black and white. You cannot hide the ugly, but the ugly becomes beauty. If you are able to see the truth when things are simple and when you think they are not beautiful, then you will always be able to see the beauty in everything.


When I look at things in black and white, I see what is suppose to be, what is true, not what the world is trying to make me see. I can see what is, suppose to be, and what was. I see the truth, and I see the lies.  I wish the world could be seen in black and white, instead of the technicolor  world that we live in where everything is hidden and lies and ugly are all around you.


**Just for reference, these are not mine. Just ones I liked on the web.


7 thoughts on “It’s all black and white to me.

  1. When I was little, I thought the world used to be in black and white. All the old pictures, TV and white! My mom had to explain that no, the world had always been in color. I was disappointed..

  2. I don’t know that I agree, but this is an excellently written post. Black & white, and sepia, certainly hold a certain charm, but I think things look better in color. Oh well…

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