Tea Time Anyone?

So I’ve been hashing back and forth with TwinDaddy today. I was stealing his DVDs of Pinky and the Brain and the Animaniacs, only the best cartoons ever. And somehow it came out that was I drinking from his helmet. Ok let me clarify, I’m home with this horrid flu that has been going around and my happy place to feel better is tea.  So in my not feeling great fuzzy stage, I said I was drinking from his helmet.

Ahem! Yes I am….

Clone Tropper and the Death Star

Clone Tropper and the Death Star

See, I have a clone trooper mug, and right next to it there on the left, is my tea infuser, or as you might be able to see, it’s called THE DEATH STAR!

I also have another favorite tea mug that has the caffeine molecule on it.

Blooming Peach Tea

Blooming Peach Tea

Ok that’s one shot, now here is the other shot:

random 12013 002Yes, Hard to make out, but that is the caffeine molecule. Also that’s a blooming tea in there. It’s a white tea which is less caffeine content, and makes a pretty flower when it’s finished steeping.


Anyways! Proof Twindaddy. I’m drinking from your helmet. Or your friend’s. I cannot remember which at this point.


12 thoughts on “Tea Time Anyone?

  1. That’s a clone trooper
    Not a stormtrooper
    So you’re drinking from my father’s head
    Which is weird cause he’s dead
    That is not a helmet, just a representation
    And should be thrown in a conflagration

    • TY!
      The most natural thing to calm my nerves and make me breathe easier, feel relaxed, is tea. I love finding new ones, and finding fun mugs and cups to use for drinking.

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